Qualifed Insurance Leads


Not finding enough qualified insurance leads.  Perhaps the reason is here.

Some insurance agents use lead generation techniques that create unqualified insurance leads (i.e. poor sales leads). I define an unqualified insurance leads as a person who's not actually interested, has no money or tough to deal with. Essentially, somebody who wastes your precious time and, if they do grow to be a client, they use up so much of your time that you wish they weren't a client.

You produce these unqualified insurance leads by utilizing unfocused calling. For instance, should you telephone a list of retired individuals attempting to acquire long-term care meetings, you're generating the unqualified insurance leads. You've no proof if these individuals have an interest or are qualified. So you waste a great deal of time cold calling and then meeting folks who're not a good fit or interested. I call this being a “sales laborer.” You waste huge amounts of time on non-income-producing prospecting.

With such untargeted marketing, you start the relationship by giving the power and control to the prospect. You requested of them for a consultation. They are able to accept or decline and they've the power. You come after them. Wouldn’t you prefer they come after you?

Wouldn’t it be smarter in the event you only met with the engaged qualified insurance leads and invested a lot more of your time in a sales presentation? Would it be much better in the event you enticed these interested folks to you and practiced as a “sales professional” and not a sales laborer? Here’s the key to attracting qualified insurance leads and serious prospects: set up your advertising/insurance marketing to ensure that prospects show their desire prior to you ever reaching out to them. Let them to ask for your contact!

Here's one example. Instead of plowing through your suspect list, send a well-penned, direct response mailer. Even in the event you obtain a 1% response to 1,000 items mailed, that’s 10 qualified insurance leads who took action. They contacted you and requested something of you. You commence in control of the client relationship.

Once you call the prospect, you qualify them and remove say 50 percent from further consideration. You get five meetings. These are the exact same five appointments you'd have obtained with the cold calling, but look just how much simpler this was. As opposed to speaking with 1000 leads, you talked to 10 individuals. Rather than meeting with 10 individuals, you met with five. You conserved perhaps twenty-five hours of your valuable time and invested $500 on postage and mailing. (Put simply, had you cold-called, you put a value your time at twenty dollars an hour for the mailing cost you saved. Is that all you’re worth--$20 per hour)?

Since you now know that you are able to get a lot more meetings by sending direct mailers, you may not be so eager for each and every appointment. Now you see you can have qualified appointments that turn into sales. You'll be able to qualify men and women well and weed out those that have a small odds of becoming a client. You invest your valuable time meeting with the most promising prospects and your closing ratio rises since you meet with a qualified insurance leads.

Here's another options. What if you ran an advertisement within the local senior journal or online, “Avoid Errors in Purchasing Long-Term Care Insurance--Get the Totally free Guide for Seniors?” You then have a bunch of prospects to call who're interested and motivated. You've saved your time and limited the prospects you cope with to those that take initiative. These are the kinds of men and women you would like as clients. You don't want individuals who require convincing, which is the sort of prospect that's produced with unfocused calling. Sales laborers invest time with prospects that require hand holding. Sales Experts invest time in sales presentations with serious, determined prospects who take the very first step.

Or what about putting a flyer within the every day newspaper for your forthcoming class?

Say it's an LTC seminar: “Why So Many Seniors Have Inferior Health Protection.” In our tests, 10,000 inserted flyers (for about $500) produces 25 individuals to a workshop. You give a presentation to 25 motivated folks at one time and then have individual appointments. Seminars make extremely efficient use of your time (you give the identical presentation to 25 or more qualified insurance leads) . Individuals who attend classes are really motivated as they get to the location, the had to place the activity on their schedule, get prepared to arrive, etc. They must be qualified insurance leads to go to all that trouble. In the event you use seminars to market your expertise, you'll generate extremely targeted prospects, a very high percentage of which turn out to be clients.

If cost is your hang-up to pursuing effective marketing and advertising as shown above, contemplate that your income won't improve since you currently waste your selling time and effort on prospecting. Even when you have no funds readily available for advertising, take a $500 loan from your credit card. Not only can you make a several-times ROI (several thousand percent return), but you’ll be motivated to earn and pay off this advance prior to your credit card payment due date.

If you want to grow your business big quickly, a fast approach would be to invest funds into your business, not your time. Your time should be dedicated to sales activities and absolutely nothing else. It is the model employed by probably the most effective businesses in existence today-invest capital up front and grow huge and profitable rapidly. Invest the cash to ensure that your time could be employed for appointments with qualified potential customers. As an excellent teacher said to me, “Put wood into the fireplace FIRST if you want to get warm."

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