Be a Guest Blogger

Marketing, Sales and Thought Leading Experts Wanted to Contribute

The Wealthy Producer blog seeks guest bloggers to write on  topics that help financial advisors and insurance professionals to grow and manage their business.  Note that the posts on this blog are more advanced (i.e. one level deeper) than someone might read in an industry magazine.   Therefore, we are not seeking elementary topics (e.g, how to do a seminar) but rather something not seen elsewhere and more insightful based on experience or observation (e.g. 3 ways to double appointments from your seminar).  Comb through the posts to get an idea of the tone and level.

Posts must of course be 100% unique.

Typically, a writer will have been in the financial services business or worked with financial sales professionals and made observations that should have a voice. The target audience is the advisor seeking to grow as a person and grow their business.

You can place one back link in each post per 500 words to get yourself some SEO juice.  You do not need to include biographical information in your post as we do this a better way:

  • we add you as an author of our blog and link to your Google plus page so that your photo appears next to your post in the Google search engine (that provides you a 2nd link)
  • on your Google Plus profile, add yourself as "contributor to"

It is okay that the link back in your post is promotional but the article submitted cannot pitch a product or service and must convey a worthwhile concept and be educational/thought provoking.

Posts must be 500-1000 words.  Youtube embeds and graphics encouraged.  We will add a graphic to each post if you do not include (see any of our posts for typical graphics we add).

You can send completed articles or your article ideas to larryklein at this domain.

Thank you in advance!!!