Advertising on Wealthy Producer


The blog is frequented by registered reps, registered investment advisors and life insurance agents who serve the mass affluent market. These professionals serve consumers generally with investment assets from $250,000 to $3 million.

You can reach this highly targeted audience as follows (No contracts required, advertise month to month). After payment, email your ad to larryklein at wealthyproducer dot com:


125 x 125 pixel ad $50/month 125 x 125


250 x 250 pixel ad $125/month 250 x 250


Note that Google requires that links in advertising be no-follow.  For a do-follow link, we offer an opportunity to place your post on our blog with 2 back links for $90 per month. Your post must be educational in nature and cannot be a 500-word sales pitch. For this option, please email your post to larryklein at wealthyproducer dot com for approval.