Marketing vs Selling - Why Sales Pros Earn Less Than They Should


You don't have to find the Oracle at Delphi to get answers to your lack of sales mastery. You simply need to focus on the three crucial elements that determine sales results:

1)The caliber of the prospects you speak to
2) The number of prospects you talk to
3) The caliber of your presentation

Let’s take these in order over three posts. Today, let's address insurance lead generation -- locating quality prospects.

Your way of prospecting will be the main determinant of how many prospects buy.

You're prospecting method must only generate prospects with a high probability to purchase. Assess these two prospecting systems. One produces top quality prospects, the other produces people who make you worn out and detest your career.

Cold-calling, a typical way of prospecting, produces prospects that must be convinced. You must be convincing to some degree to get the appointment. Is it any surprise that 30% of the time, the prospect is not home when they agreed or they are not interested?

What would occur if instead, you placed an advertisement offering a free-of-charge guide about a certain topic in which you had experience? Certainly, the people who respond to the ad have interest in your offering. And isn't this the sort of prospect you want, a prospect that takes action?

A fresh real estate agent asked me how to market. I had her compose a brochure "Ten Errors to Steer Clear of When you Sell Your Million Dollar Residence." We placed the ad in the food section of the Wednesday paper, the day that has all of the food coupons. The cost of the ad was a whopping $250. The agent got 62 calls for her booklet.

How long would it have taken to locate 62 interested and motivated people by cold calling? This method allows you to make much better use of your time because your initial call is a warm call to your receptive motivated prospect.

Now you can see the difference and how you're prospecting method determines the caliber of prospects you attract. So your prospecting MUST be based on the following model-you offer an item to people who meet your criteria (e.g. by age, income, profession, zip code, etc.) and you ONLY make contact with those people who want your item. The supplied service may be:

a) a guide or free of charge report
2) a free workshop
3) a totally free quotation
4) a no cost analysis

Then, once you contact the prospect, you get in touch with them simply because they requested something of you. You are not asking for their business, you're getting in touch with them to decide how you are able to help them. This puts you in the control position and starts the relationship on the correct foot with the right prospect.

In the next post, I'll cover the best way to acquire high quantities of inquiries from these quality prospects.


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